Youtube Vanced For iOS 15.5

YouTube Vanced is a popular mod for official YouTube. It’s popular among Android users. Recently, we found that many iPhone users want to download YouTube Vanced for iOS. If you’re also looking for the same, you’re on the correct platform.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced for iOS

YouTube Vance is a mod app for watching YouTube videos. In fact, the UI and layout are exactly the same as the official YouTube app. YouTube Vanced allows you to watch videos in the background, while official YouTube doesn’t allow it without a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Vance comes with a built-in ads blocker, hence you don’t get any ads while watching YouTube videos. In short, YouTube Vance is a replica of the YouTube Premium subscription.

How To Download YouTube Vanced Apk?

YouTube Vanced Apk is specially designed for Android devices. If you’re using an Android smartphone, then you can simply download YouTube Vance Apk from here and install it.

Follow these steps to download and install YouTube Vanced on Android-

  • First of all, click on the above download button.
  • YouTube Vanced manager Apk will be downloaded on your device.
  • Once downloaded, click on install, and a popup will appear to enable unknown sources.
  • Enable unknown sources for your browser.
  • Again tap on the Vanced Manager Apk file.
  • Tap on the Install button and wait.
  • YouTube Vanced manager will be installed on your Android phone.
  • Launch Vanced Manager on your device.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to install the YouTube Vanced App.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced App and enjoy watching ads-free videos.

Note- Thousands of users reported that Google banned their emails. So, always use your secondary email to log in to the Vanced YouTube App.

Can We Install Vanced YouTube on iOS?

YouTube Vanced is specially designed for Android devices. This app is developed and maintained by XDA Developers. If you want to download YouTube Vanced on iOS, then, unfortunately, it’s not available on App Store.

However, you can download YouTube++ IPA on iOS to enjoy the same benefit. YouTube Plus Plus (++) is a popular iOS tweak that can provide you with lots of features on jailbroken iOS devices.

Note: YouTube ++ can only be installed on Jailbroken iOS. It’s risky because jailbreaking end the warranty of the iPhone, and it is also risky.

So, before going ahead, understand the risk of iOS jailbreaking first. There are many bug and security issues has been reported earlier.

A lot of jailbroken users reported overheating and charging issues on older jailbroken iPhones.

Features of YouTube++ for iOS

YouTube++ is a popular tweak that adds amazing features to the YouTube app. These are the feature you’ll get with YouTube++

  • You’ll get an Ads-free experience.
  • It allows you to play YouTube videos in the background.
  • It disables age restrictions.
  • It allows you to download YouTube videos in HD.
  • You can set the video playback speed from 0.5x to 2.0x.
  • You can convert video to audio (for songs).

How To Install YouTube Vanced (YouTube++) on iOS?

Follow these steps to install YouTube Mod on iOS (YouTube++)-

  • Open Cydia App Store on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Sources tab.
  • Tap on the Edit option in the top-right corner.
  • Enter an iOS repository-
  • Save it and exit from Cydia.
  • Now open and refresh Cydia.
  • Go to the Search tab.
  • Search for YouTube++.
  • You’ll see YouTube++ available on the Cydia store.
  • Tap on it and install.

Enjoy the premium features of YouTube++ on iOS.

How To Download YouTube++ on Non-Jailbroken iOS?

If you haven’t jailbroken iOS yet, you can follow these steps to install YouTube++ on your device-

  • You can install the YouTube++ IPA file with the help of your PC.
  • First of all, you need to install AltStore on your PC and device.
  • Now open the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Click on the YouTube++ IPA download button (Check above).
  • Open AltStore on your iPhone.
  • Click on the My Apps tab on AltStore.
  • Now tap on the + icon on the corner.
  • You’ll see the list of available IPA files on your device.
  • Select YouTube++ IPA file.
  • Tap on the Install button to begin the installation.
  • AltStore will install YouTube++ IPA on your device.

Now exit from the AltStore, and you’ll see YouTube++ in your iPhone Apps list. Enjoy watching unlimited videos on YouTube.


YouTube Vanced for iOS is not available yet. Currently, developers of YouTube Vanced designed it for Android OS only.

However, there is an alternative to Vanced YouTube for iPhone called YouTube++. We have explained the installation process of YouTube++ on iOS devices.

Follow the above installation process to enjoy the premium benefits free of cost. If you face any problems, don’t hesitate to write in the comment box.

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