iPhone 12 Series 5G Bands in India, UAE & USA

Are you upgrading from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 series; just for the 5G network? You should know about iPhone 12 series 5G bands in India, UAE, and the USA. Read this detailed guide to understand about iPhone 12 5G bands.

What is 5G?

In telecommunication, 5G stands for “fifth generation” cellular network that brings new revolution. It’s an advancement over 4G and LTE that supports high-frequency data transfer capability.

History of 1G to 5G

Science and technology is going advance day-by-day. The first generation cellular network was launched in 1980 and today the world is rolling out 5G.

The release of 5G brings high speed cellular data of 1Gbps practically while theoretically it can go upto 20Gbps. It helps in digitalisation of industries and daily life of people.

5G Revolution History

What are 5G Bands?

The 5G spectrum is range of radio frequency sub-6 GHz range and the millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency range that is 24.25 GHz. Here are some details of 5G bands…

Geographical Area5G Frequency Bands
Europe3400 – 3800 MHz (Awarding Trial Licenses)
China3300 – 3600 MHz (Ongoing Trial)
China 4400 – 4500 MHz
China4800 – 4990 MHz
Japan3600 – 4200 MHz
Japan4400 – 4900 MHz
Korea3400 – 3700 MHz
USA3100 – 3550 MHz
USA3700 – 4200 MHz
India3300-3400 MHz (Ongoing Trial)
India3400-3600 MHz (Ongoing Trial)

What 5G Bands iPhone 12 Series Supports?

iPhone 12 Pro 5G Bands

Apple has launched it’s iPhone 12 series powered by A14 Bionic processor (5nm). All iPhone 12 series supports 5G network. But, Apple has launched it’s different variants in different geographical areas.

So, if you have any doubt about Apple iPhone 12 5G bands then this tutorial will clear all your doubts. You must verify the 5G bands while purchasing the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max.

5G Band In India (Frequency)

You should take extra care if you’re living in India. Because, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has not announced anything clearly and publicly.

However, there are some leaked information about 5G bands in India. Here is some details of 5G network bands in India-

n783300 – 3400 MHzUpcoming (Planned)
n783425 – 3600 MHzUpcoming (Planned)
n25824.25 – 27.5 GHzUpcoming (Planned)
n25727.5 – 29.5 GHzUpcoming
n25940 – 43.5 GHzUpcoming
n26037 – 40 GHzUpcoming
31.8 – 33.4 GHzUpcoming
29.5 – 31.3 GHzUpcoming

iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Bands in India

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max uses following 5G bands in India. You should have all the information about 5G bands of iPhone 12 series before ordering one online.

iPhone 12 5G BandsFrequency
n12100 MHz
n21900 MHz
n31800 MHz
n5850 MHz
n72600 MHz
n8900 MHz
n12700 MHz
n20800 DD
n251900 MHz
n28700 APT
n38TD 2600
n40TD 2300
n41TD 2500
n66AWS- 3
n77TD 3700
n78TD 3500
n79TD 4700
Apple iPhone 12 Series Bands Details For Indian Variant

Final Verdict

These are 5G bands details of Apple iPhone 12 series. All these bands applied to all iPhone 12 series i.e. iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, if you’re planning to purchase iPhone 12 just for 5G then I would recommend to wait for couple of months.

TRAI has not launched it’s 5G spectrums and 5G bands details completely. So, waiting for a few more months is a wise idea. Airtel and Reliance Jio will launch 5G in the mid of 2021.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to share with your friends who’s going to upgrade from iPhone 11 series to iPhone 12 series; just for 5G.

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