How To Use Google Lens On Iphone


How do I get Google Lens on my iPhone?

In order to get started with Lens, just open the Google app on your iPhone. From there, you will see the search bar at the top. On the right-hand side, the Google Lens icon will be available. Just tap on that grant the app the necessary permissions, and you are taken to a new interface.

Can you use Google Lens on iPad?

The good news for iOS fans is that Google Lens isn’t limited to Android devices. While it's more powerful on iPhone, it does let you search your existing photos on iPad, too. Here’s how to get started. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU... Google Lens doesn’t have its own dedicated app on Apple's App Store.

What is Google Lens and how to use it?

Here’s how to use it. Google Lens is a neat little feature that can identify real-world objects, like signs, buildings, books, plants, and more using your phone’s camera. And it gives you more information about the object.

How to activate Google Lens on Android?

In order to invoke Google Lens, you will need to head over to the Google Photos application. From there, you need to open a photo that has already been saved in your library. A new icon will appear on the bottom of the screen, and this is how you activate Lens.

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