How To Unlock Sim Card On Iphone


How to unlock SIM card on iPhone without password?

Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to Settings. Step 2: Now, find the "Phone" settings. Step 3: From the drop-down menu you need to select "SIM PIN". Step 4: Now, a message will pop-up asking you "If you want to unlock your SIM card". This is it!

How to unlock iPhone from carrier by changing pin?

Here is how to unlock iPhone from carrier by changing the SIM PIN from the Settings of your iPhone. Step 1: As per regulations, the SIM card of your iPhone comes with a PIN code. This PIN code protects your SIM card. Step 2: You can simply go to the Settings and enter the current PIN of your SIM card. Step 3: Now, just tap on "Change PIN".

How to lock yourself out of your sim card?

How to (accidentally) lock yourself out of your SIM card 1 Launch Settings on your iPhone. 2 Tap Cellular.#N#Source: iMore 3 Select SIM PIN. 4 Tap the toggle to turn SIM PIN to OFF.#N#Source: iMore 5 If you fail the three attempts, your iPhone will ask for a PUK Code, which you can only obtain by calling your carrier. More ...

How do I unlock my phone with a PIN code?

Scroll down and tap Phone. It's about a third of the way down the Settings page. 3. Scroll down and tap SIM PIN. This option is near the bottom of the page. 4. Slide the green SIM PIN switch left to the "Off" position. Doing so will signal to your phone that you would like to unlock your SIM card.

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