How To Unlock Iphone With Apple Watch


How to set up unlock with Apple Watch?

How to set up Unlock with Apple Watch 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 2 Tap Face ID & Passcode, then type your passcode. 3 Scroll down to Unlock with Apple Watch, then turn on the feature next to your watch's name. If your watch doesn't have... More ...

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch with face mask?

When you’re wearing your Apple Watch (Series 3 and later), you can use it to securely unlock iPhone ( models with Face ID) when you’re wearing a face mask. To allow Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone, do the following: On iPhone, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, then enter your passcode.

Can you unlock your iPhone just by glancing at it?

But the iPhone unlocking feature in iOS 14.5 comes the closest to working the way face unlocking is intended — unlocking your phone just by glancing at it, even if you also have to be wearing an Apple Watch to do it. Best Apple Watch: Which one should you buy?

Why does Apple Watch Tap my Wrist to unlock my iPhone?

Apple Watch taps your wrist to let you know that your iPhone has been unlocked. Note: To unlock your iPhone, your Apple Watch must have a passcode, be unlocked and on your wrist, and be close to your iPhone.

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