How To Unlock Disabled Iphone With Itunes


How to unlock a disabled iPhone?

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone with iTunes or Finder 1 Connect your device to your PC or Mac. 2 Allow iTunes sync your device and create a backup. 3 Once the Sync and Backup are complete, select " Restore " your device. 4 Your iPhone will be restore, and all iPhone data be wiped, too.

How to use iTunes to unlock iPhone?

As a result, you can put iPhone into recovery and connect it to iTunes, then the iTunes will detects your iPhone in recovery, in such case, you can use iTunes to unlock iPhone through restore the device.

How to fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes?

To fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes, you have to erase your phone. Find My iPhone and the third-party tool like iPhone Unlocker include the straightforward option to erase disabled iPhone and unlock the lock screen. Don't Panic! Without iTunes, You Can Still Unlock Your Disabled iPhone

How do I bypass the disabled connect to iTunes error?

If you're presented with "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes" error on screen, you can't bypass it by entering your passcode without factory resetting the iPhone. Also see: How to recover deleted data files from iPhone. How do I fix "iTunes could not connect to iPhone" error?

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