How To Turn Off Time Sensitive On Iphone


How do I Turn Off time sensitive notifications on my iPhone?

Occasionally, a Time Sensitive notification will ask if you want to keep receiving them or turn them off. If you don’t feel like waiting around for that, you can turn them off manually as well. Open the “Settings” app from the home screen on your iPhone or iPad.

How do I enable time-sensitive notifications?

Here's how to do it: 1 Launch the Settings app. 2 Tap Focus and select a Focus mode of your choice. 3 Tap Apps under Allowed Notifications . 4 Enable Time-Sensitive . More ...

What are ‘time sensitive notifications’ in iOS 15?

As you may know already, iOS 15 has introduced a new feature called Focus. It is meant to aid learning, working, and any other task that requires absolute concentration or focus. ‘Time Sensitive Notifications’ belong to a new notification class with higher priority.

How do I Turn on notifications on my iPhone?

First, launch the “Settings” app from the home screen on your iPhone or iPad. Select “Focus” to get started. Eventually, you’ll get to a point in the process where you can choose which apps will be allowed to show notifications. On that same screen is the toggle for “Time Sensitive” notifications to be allowed in the Focus mode. Turn it on.

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