How To Turn Off Do Not Disturb On Iphone


How to enable/disable do not disturb while driving mode on iPhone?

From iOS 11 onwards, you can add Do Not Disturb While Driving to your Control Center. Take the following path to add the icon: Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > More Controls > Do Not Disturb While Driving Now you can find a car icon in the Control Center, and tap on it to enable/disable the mode.

How do I Turn on do Not Disturb (DND) notifications?

Go to Settings > General > About and look under Software Version. Go to Settings and tap Focus. Tap Do Not Disturb. Select your custom options for notifications. To turn on Do Not Disturb from Control Center:

How do I use do Not Disturb on my Samsung Galaxy device?

You can also schedule Do Not Disturb and allow calls from certain people. When you have a Do Not Disturb turned on, a crescent moon icon will appear in the status bar and on your Lock Screen.

How do I know if do Not Disturb is on or off?

If you see the crescent moon on your status bar, it indicates Do Not Disturb is turned on. Swipe up from bottom of the screen to pull up Control Center. In Control Center you can see a crescent moon icon. If it is look like a black moon inside the gray circle, then DND is Off.

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