How To Translate Website On Iphone


How to translate Safari webpages on iPhone?

Safari translation was introduced with iOS 14. If your iPhone is running iOS 13, you will have to use a third-party language translator app to translate Safari webpages. I have used Microsoft Translator to illustrate the below method. Download Microsoft Translator. Go to Safari and open any website you’d like to translate.

How to change translation language in Microsoft Translator on iPhone?

Well, you can change the language of translation inside the app. Open the Microsoft Translator app → Tap the settings icon at the bottom right. Now, tap Safari Translation Language → Select your preferred language. To go back and see the webpage in its original untranslated language, tap the page refresh icon from the top right.

How do I translate a website on my Device?

Tap the action button on the left side of the address bar while visiting a site that you need to translate. The button looks like two A's next to each other. Tap Translate to [Your Device Language]. Tap Enable Translation if prompted.

How do I translate a webpage into English in SharePoint?

Tap the Share icon. Scroll down and tap Translator. The webpage will translate into English. If you do not see the ‘Translator’ option in the Share Sheet, tap Edit Actions, scroll down and tap the green plus icon for Translator. Also, toggle it on.

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