How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Flash Drive


How do I transfer my photos from my iPhone to USB?

Your photos can be directly transferred to your USB flash drive from your iPhone or transferred to your computer and then your flash drive. Syncing files from your iPhone is different than using iTunes Your text to link... because your Mac program will not transfer the original files on your iPhone.

How to transfer media files from iPhone to USB flash drive?

Go to the main interface of the Files app, select your USB flash drive, tap and hold anywhere blank, and choose Paste. Part 2. Transfer iPhone Media Files to USB with the Photos App

How do I transfer photos from my Android to a flash drive?

How Do I Transfer Pictures from My Android Phone to a Flash Drive? 1 Step 1) Plug in your phone and transfer the photos. Plug your Android device into your computer with a compatible cable. Open up your Windows Explorer ... 2 Step 2) Plug your flash drive in and access it. 3 Step 3) Transfer your photos. 4 Step 4) Eject your flash drive.

How can I download pictures from my iPhone to my computer?

Downloading AnyTrans is free. Your pictures can be transferred from your iPhone to your flash drive by following the steps below. Open AnyTrans, then connect your flash drive to your iPad or iPhone using your USB cable. Once your USB flash drive is connected to your computer, select Device Manager.

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