How To Transfer Notes From Iphone To Iphone


How do I transfer notes from Android to iPhone?

Go to the home screen of your Android phone and open the app labeled Notes. Choose the notes that you want to be transferred to your new iPhone. Look in your screen for the Share icon. On your toolbox, choose Mail. This will take you to a new email page.

How to restore deleted notes from iPhone to PC?

Using iTunes Restore Step 1. Download and open the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone using the USB cable and select your device on iTunes. To transfer the notes click on File, then Devices and Transfer Purchases. This will save the content on iPhone to PC.

How to transfer notes from one iPhone to another using airdrop?

Go to the Notes app, open the Notes folder, press on the note until the menu appears and choose to Send a Copy. In the newly opened tab choose AirDrop. Establish a connection with the second device and wait till the recipient accepts the transfer.

How to sync notes from iTunes library to iPhone?

to sync the notes to iTunes library. After that, you can find the linked iPhone under the tab of "DEVICE", then, click the "Info" tab and scroll down to the "Other" option. Now, you can check the option of "Sync Notes" option to import the synced notes from iTunes to iPhone easily.

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