How To Time Lapse A Video On Iphone


How to make time-lapse video on iPhone?

How to make Time-lapse video on iPhone? 1 Unlock your iPhone and open the camera application. From the mode, swipe towards right to change to Time-lapse mode. 2 Tap the record button to start the Time-lapse process. When you're finished, hit the tap button again to stop the video. More ...

How long can you let time lapse on iPhone camera?

That being said, all you need to do is make sure you keep your iPhone plugged into power, and you'll be able to let it go on for as long as you'd like. Just remember though: whether you shoot for 30 minutes or 30 hours, the Camera app will still adjust the final video to be 20-40 seconds. Can you change the speed of time lapse on iPhone?

How long does it take to record a time-lapse video?

Make sure you have at least 10-15 minutes to record the perfect time-lapse video. Sufficient Battery on iPhone: Also make sure that you have enough battery juice left in your iPhone to record a time-lapse video. Obviously, we can't say a perfect figure it will vary model to model and condition of battery in your iPhone.

How long should I shoot a time lapse video?

So if you shoot for under 5 minutes, your camera will capture 2 frames per second, but if you shoot for 40 minutes, it will capture 1 frame every 4 seconds. That's why the ideal interval for shooting a time lapse would be about 30 minutes. How long can an iPhone time lapse last?

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