How To Take Restrictions Off Iphone


How to disable restrictions on iPhone?

How to Disable Restrictions on iPhone 1 Step 1. Open the Settings app from the springboard of your iPhone. 2 Step 2. When the Settings app opens, find and tap on the option that says General followed by... 3 Step 3. When the Restrictions menu opens, enter in your passcode to authenticate yourself. See More....

How to set restrictions on screen time on iPhone?

Step 1. Step 2. Scroll down to locate the Screen Time option. Tap on it to enter the main interface of the Screen Time. If you are using iOS 11, here you can tap General and then choose the Restrictions option.

How do I Turn Off content and privacy restrictions on Android?

1 Launch the Settings app from your springboard and tap on Screen Time. 2 When the Screen Time menu opens, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions. 3 Enter in your passcode on the following screen and tap on Turn Off Content & Privacy Restrictions.

How to restrict apps on iPhone for kids?

iPhone's Restrictions function is very useful for restricting certain apps and settings for kids, so iDevice's Restrictions function also called as Parental Controls, so you can easily to manage which features, apps, and data your kids or others can and can't access on the iPhone or iPad.

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