How To Take Passport Photo With Iphone


How to take passport photos with your mobile phone?

All you need is your mobile phone and an easy-to-use app to take passport photos. Which one to download though? In this article, we've gathered 15 best apps both for iPhone and for Android. The list takes into account several features, like user-friendly interface, price, number of ID types, etc.

What is the best passport photo app for iPhone?

Passport Photo & ID Maker is considered to be the best passport photo app for iPhone. Why? First, if you try other apps, most of them are paid, with lots of ads, unfriendly interfaces and few document types.

How to convert a photo to passport size on iPhone?

After you’ve taken the shot, you can convert the photo to passport size right on your iPhone. The app can do it automatically, but if you prefer to have control over the process, you can crop the pic manually. Just zoom in or out the image with your fingers to fit the face into a special layout. Crop your picture to the required size

How to make your own passport photo?

This process involves you to create your passport photos on your own with guidance from the tool. Here is a step-by-step process on how to use this tool manually. Visit and select the country & phototype, then select the DIY option. Now upload the photo you’ve taken, crop them manually with the help of the silhouette.

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