How To Take Passport Photo On Iphone


What is the best passport photo app for iPhone?

Passport Photo & ID Maker is considered to be the best passport photo app for iPhone. Why? First, if you try other apps, most of them are paid, with lots of ads, unfriendly interfaces and few document types.

Can I use any picture for my passport photo?

You can’t use just any picture for your passport photo, and it needs to be printed at the right size in color with your face in the frame just right. With the ID PhotoPrint app on the iPhone, you can line the subject up with tips to take a DIY passport photo and then print it on your own or order a print that will arrive in a few days.

How to print passport photos from iPhone?

Using Passport Photo & ID Maker, you can print photos directly from your iPhone. You don’t need to leave your home: connect the phone to the printer, make a few taps and get your freshly printed hard copies. Apart from these two advantages, you can enjoy lots of other things like: Database for 130+ countries

How to use passport photo&ID maker?

Passport Photo & ID Maker lets you take a photo directly in the app. There is a convenient camera layout with facial area, crown and jaw lines. All you need to do is to fit your face inside the oval and tap the button. What’s more, you can open and read the latest official requirements for this document type while taking the shot. Step 3.

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