How To Sync Itunes To Iphone


How to sync music from iTunes to iPhone?

Add music files to the iTunes library before you transfer music from iTunes to your iPhone by going to "File" > "Add File to Library" in the iTunes window. Ready? Let's see how to sync music from iTunes to iPhone in two ways. Method 1. Automatically Add Music to iPhone from iTunes

How to Sync my iPhone to my computer?

How to Sync My iPhone to My Computer 1 Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable, then open iTunes and select your device. 2 Click Summary on the left side of the iTunes window. 3 Select "Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi". 4 Click Apply. See More....

How do I Sync my iTunes library with my computer?

This is near the top left corner of the iTunes window, right below the volume control. Click on Music. This is an option listed below "Settings" near the top. Tick the box next to "Sync Music. " Choose whether to sync the whole library or just selected music.

How do I connect my iPhone to iTunes?

How to Connect Your iPhone to iTunes 1 Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. 2 Launch iTunes . 3 In the upper-left corner of the iTunes window, select the iPhone icon, located to the right of the media menu. 4 The iPhone appears in the left iTunes pane, under the Devices section. ...

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