How To Switch From Iphone To Android


What to do when switching from iPhone to Android?

One of the first things you’ll want to do when switching from iPhone to Android is transferring your contacts. How straightforward this process is will highly depend on your previous practices for syncing contacts. Are you synchronizing your contacts to your Google account?

How do I transfer data from iPhone to Android?

You can also use Samsung's software, Smart Switch. Each Google Pixel comes with a USB-OTG adapter that allows you to quickly and easily transfer files, contacts, calendar entries and even iMessages from an iPhone to your new Android phone.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

Samsung Galaxy phones have an all-in-one tool called Smart Switch to switch from iPhone to Android quickly and easily. This will quickly transfer your contacts, bookmarks, photos, videos, and more. It works both wirelessly via Wi-Fi or with an OTG cable. Here’s how it works:

How do I connect my iPhone to my Android phone?

Connect, select, go. Connect your iPhone to your new Android phone via cable and choose what you want to move over—contacts, messages, photos and even your favorite apps. 1 Connect both devices. A cord animates to plug into a front-facing Android phone.

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