How To Stop Iphone From Dimming


How do I Stop my iPhone screen from dimming?

But if your screen is dimming too often, you can extend the time that your iPhone takes to lock. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and tap “Auto-Lock.” In the menu that appears, select the new “Auto-Lock” time period. You can also choose the “Never” option if you never want your iPhone to lock on its own.

Why does my iPhone screen dim when I Wake it up?

Whenever you wake your iPhone, its screen will stay lit and will not go into Lock mode until you push the power button. If you keep having trouble with a dimming screen even with “Auto-Lock” disabled, it could be because “Auto-Brightness” is enabled. “Auto-Brightness” can be disabled under the Accessibility options in the Settings app.

How do I Turn Off the auto dim feature in iOS 12?

To turn off the auto dim feature in iOS 12, follow these steps: Open Settings. Tap General. Tap Accessibility. Tap Display Accommodations. Toggle Auto-Brightness to turn the feature off.

How do I Turn OFF Auto-Brightness on my iPhone?

In Accessibility, tap “Display & Text Size.” In “Display & Text Size,” scroll to the bottom and toggle the “Auto-Brightness” option by flipping the switch beside it. Your iPhone will no longer alter the brightness levels automatically.

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