How To Slow A Video Down On Iphone


How do I speed up or slow down a video?

The default is "1," which means the video plays at regular speed, the farther you drag the white-and-yellow slider to the left, the slower the video will play. Tap the preview to see how the video looks and sounds at its new speed. If you drag the slider to the right past the "1" value, it will speed up the video instead.

How to speed up videos on iPhone?

Now, you can find and select the video you’re looking to speed up on iPhone. Once sleected, tap Create Movie button at the center bottom of the screen. Now move the playhead to the start of the timeline and tap to select the video. At this point, you’ll see the timeline highlighted in yellow color.

How do I change the speed of a video in iMovie?

You can adjust the speed of video clips in iMovie. You can even fine-tune speed adjustments for a single clip by dividing it into ranges, each with its own speed. For example, you could set multiple ranges so that a clip slows down, speeds up, and then slows down again.

How do I change the video speed on clideo?

Open Clideo’s Video Speed Changer. Tap "Choose file" and pick a clip on your device or add a file from your Google Drive or Dropbox account by tapping on the arrow on the right side of the button. In the editor, choose one of the preset video speeds to make the video slower.

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