How To Send Pictures From Iphone


How do I email a photo from an iPhone to someone?

Tap on the "Send Photo" button, which can be found on the far left end of the photo toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Select the "Email Photo" option from the pop-up menu that appears. The iPhone will automatically switch to the Mail application and compose a new message, using the photo as an attachment.

How do I send a photo or video from my iPhone?

Take a video within Messages: Tap , choose Video mode, then tap . Choose an existing photo or video: Tap to see recent shots, then swipe up to search or browse through all photos and albums. If multiple photos or videos are selected, a number indicates in which order they’ll be sent. Tap to send your message or to cancel.

How do I send photo attachments from my iPhone or iPad?

Just like on a desktop computer, you can include photo attachments in emails you send from your iPhone or iPad. You have a couple of options for how to do this; two of them are the Photos app and the Mail app. If you have an iPad, you can also pull both programs up on your screen to attach several photos to your email message.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC?

On your iPhone, head to Settings > Photos, scroll down, and then tap “Automatic” under Transfer to Mac or PC. Your iPhone automatically converts the photos to .JPEG files when you import them to a PC.

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