How To Send A Group Text On Iphone Without Everyone Responding


How do I send a group text message on my iPhone?

Send a group message. Enter your message, then tap Send . To send a group MMS message on an iPhone, make sure MMS Messaging is turned on. Go to Settings > Messages and turn on MMS Messaging. If you don’t see an option to turn on MMS Messaging or Group Messaging, contact your carrier to see if your plan supports Group MMS Messaging.

How do I Turn Off group messaging on my iPhone?

The option you're looking for is located at Settings > Messages > Group Messaging. Turning this off will send all messages individually to their recipients. Note: Disabling MMS Messaging will remove the Group Messaging toggle from the list.

What happens when you send a group iMessage message?

If you send a group message to people who aren't using iMessage, then the message is sent as an MMS or SMS message. These messages appear in blue text bubbles. They go through Apple instead of your carrier, and are protected by end-to-end encryption. In a group iMessage, everyone can:

Can I send a message to a group of people?

With Messages, you can send a message to a group of people. You can also name your group, add or remove people from the group, mute notifications, or leave the group.

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