How To Save Messages On Iphone


How to save iMessages on iPhone?

To save messages from iPhone, click on the “Backup Now” button. Wait for a while as iTunes would take a complete backup of your data, including your text messages. Now when you know how to save iMessages, you can easily keep your messages safe and easily accessible.

How to save iPhone text messages to PC or Mac?

To save iPhone text messages to your computer, follow these steps: 1 Open Decipher TextMessage and select an iPhone. 2 Choose a contact with text messages you need to save. 3 Select Export as PDF. 4 Choose a directory on your computer to save the iPhone text messages to your PC or Mac.

How do I save text messages from a text message chain?

Open the text chain you wish to preserve and hold a finger down on one of the texts in the conversation. 2. Tap the "More…" option when it appears, then tap the circle to the left of each text and image you want to save.

Can you save text messages on an iPhone for later review?

While there isn't a feature for automatically exporting a conversation, you can save an entire iPhone text conversations for later review and enjoyment using a workaround in the Messages app. To preserve a text chain with total fidelity to its original appearance, a series of screenshots may be your best option.

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