How To Reset Safari On Iphone


How to reset Safari to default settings on iPhone?

How to Reset Safari on iPhone Step 1. Go to Settings > Choose Safari. Step 2. Scroll down the right side to tap Clear History and Website Data. Step 3. Tap Clear when a window pops up.

How to reset Safari on MacBook Air?

To reset Safari settings on your iPhone or iPad, follow these simple steps: Step 1: Open the Settings from the Home screen. Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Safari”. Step 3: Then tap “Clear History and Website Data”. Step 4: Tap “Clear History and Data” again to confirm. 2. Reset Safari on Mac 2.1.

How to clear Safari history on iPhone?

1 Open the Settings app for iPhone. 2 Search for or scroll down to "Safari" and open it. 3 Tap "Clear History and Website Data" in blue near the bottom of the page. 4 A notification will pop up. Tap "Clear History and Data," and wait a few moments while the iPhone processes your request. ...

Is resetting Safari on iPhone good or bad?

On the one hand, resetting Safari on iPhone brings you some advantages, like improving the performance of your iPhone, setting free your iPhone space, protecting your privacy, preventing cookies from tracking your habits and so on.

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