How To Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password


How to reset iPhone/iPad without Apple Password?

To successfully reset your iPhone without an Apple password, follow through with the following steps: Step 1. First, download and install the UnlockGo software on a computer. Step 2. After installation is complete, launch the software. Select the “Unlock Apple ID” and then proceed to connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.

How to unlock Apple ID to reset iPhone?

Here are the steps to reset your iPhone using the unlock Apple ID: Step 1. Download FoneCope iOS Unlock via the download button. Open it, select the "Unlock Apple ID" mode and connect your iPhone to your computer. If your iPhone is connected to this computer for the first time, it will prompt you to trust the computer and choose OK.

How to remove Apple ID without Apple ID password?

Resetting iPhone without Apple ID Password 1 Launch LockWiper on your PC. Connect the iOS device whose Apple ID you need to remove to the PC using a USB cable. 2 Select the " Unlock Apple ID " mode. Tap " Start to Unlock ". 3 LockWiper will immediately start resetting iPhone and removing the Apple ID. It will take you a few seconds. See More....

What happens if I Reset my iPhone without Apple ID?

Reset/erase your iPhone or iPad without Apple ID, whether “Find My iPhone” is on or off. Also remove any traces of Apple ID and iCloud account from iPhone when resetting. After resetting, you can set up your device, download any app, and add a new iCloud account. Your iPhone won’t be tracked or blocked by the previous Apple ID.

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