How To Reset Iphone 6


How to factory reset iPhone 6 easily?

Way 1: How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 via Settings It is the default way to factory-reset iPhone 6, when you have the passcode of the iPhone, you can backup data to iCloudor iTunes beforehand. Then follow the process to restore your iPhone 6 to factory settings.

How do I Reset my iPhone?

To do so on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings and enter the passcode to confirm erasing of all data. Follow these steps below on how to reset your iPhone using iTunes:

How to hard reset iPhone 6 without password?

To hard reset iPhone 6 without a password, you can choose Wipe Passcode on the main interface. Step 2 Check the device information from the on-screen list. Click Start to download a firmware package.

How to fix iPhone 6 won’t turn on?

Step 1 Hold and press the Side button on your iPhone 6 device. Step 2 Don’t release it until you see the power off slider on the iPhone 6 screen. Step 3 Drag the slider from the left to right side. Step 4 Wait for about 30 seconds to turn off iPhone 6. Step 5 Hold and press the Side button again.

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