How To Refund An App On Iphone


How do I get a refund from Apple for an app?

To do so, visit the Report a Problem page on Apple’s website. You could also access this website on your iPhone or iPad. Sign in with your Apple ID, click “Apps” and click “Report a Problem” next to the app or other purchase you want a refund for.

How do I request a refund on my account?

Select the “Request a Refund” option. A new drop-down box will appear under the first. Click or tap the “Tell Us More” box and choose one of the following reasons for your refund request:

How do I get my money back from Apple App Store?

How to Get a Refund For an iPhone, iPad, or Mac App From Apple. If you’ve purchased an app from the iOS App Store or the Mac App Store and there’s a problem, you can contact Apple to get your money back. This isn’t automatic — you’ll have to provide a reason you want a refund and Apple will review your request.

Can I get a refund for an app that doesn't work?

If you bought an app that simply doesn’t work, or is broken in some way, however, a refund is possible. You can request a refund from the App Store in two ways: via Apple’s website or by using iTunes.

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