How To Recover Deleted Videos From Iphone


How to restore deleted videos from iPhone to computer?

Connect the iPhone to computer, and click the device icon on the top left corner. In Summary tab, click "Restore Backup...". Choose a backup, and click Restore. It will take a few minutes to restore backup from iTunes. Once done, your videos will get back to iPhone along with other contents in that backup.

How to recover deleted videos from iCloud backup?

Before recovering deleted videos from iCloud backup, you have to reset your iPhone first, here's how to reset your iPhone: Make a backup of your device. Open Settings app, tap the General tab. Choose Reset, then Erase all Contents and Settings.

What happens when you delete a video from your iPhone?

When the first time you delete an iPhone video, it will not be deleted immediately but will be sent to your recently deleted album, which indicates the number of days remaining before deletion. After this time, the videos in this folder will be permanently deleted from your iPhone.

How to recover deleted movies and TV shows from iTunes Store?

1 Run iTunes Store app on iPhone. 2 Tap More > Purchased on the bottom of the screen. 3 Tap videos you want to redownload from the selection list (Movies or TV shows) 4 Tap "Not on This [device]". 5 Find the film or TV show you want to recover, and tap on it. 6 Tap the iCloud download icon to re-download it to iPhone.

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