How To Record Phone Conversation On Iphone


How do I record a phone call on my iPhone?

In the mobile app or or via on the desktop, go to Settings > Calls > Incoming call options. You have the option in settings for calls to be answered either via the app itself (check off iOS Device) or by having the call forwarded to your mobile number. Either way, you are not technically doing the recording on your iPhone.

How do I enable recording on my phone?

After setting up your account, go to Settings, then Calls and Incoming call options. Here, you can enable a toggle switch that lets you turn recording on and off by pressing the '4' key on your number pad in calls. The recording gets forwarded to your email after you're done, or can be found amongst your voicemails in the app.

Can Google Voice detect call recording on iPhone?

While you start a call recording on iPhone via Google Voice, Google Voice will send the alert to tell the call recording is made. However, once you use the third-party call recorders to do that, the person who is recorded will be notified, and he/she will not detect the call recording. Why is the merge calls button not working for me in TapeACall?

How to secretly record audio on iPhone?

Instead, you can use the Shortcuts app, which is already installed on your iPhone by default, to create a shortcut to secretly start an audio recording faster. By unlocking and utilizing Back Tap, the accessibility feature in iOS 14 and later, you can make it so that you can start recording audio simply by tapping on the back of your iPhone.

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