How To Put Flash Notification On Iphone


How do I enable notifications on my iPhone with LED flash?

How to enable visual notifications on your iPhone using the LED flash Launch Settings from your Home screen. Tap on General. Tap on Accessibility. Tap LED Flash for Alerts. Toggle LED Flash for Alerts to ON.

How do I Turn on the LED flash on my iPhone?

The LED flash on your iPhone or iPad Pro can blink when your device is locked and you receive a notification. This can be useful if you don't want to miss a notification while your device is locked and silent. Go to Settings > Accessibility, then select Audio/Visual. Turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

How do I Turn Off the notification light on my iPhone?

If you want the notification light to be enabled whenever you set your iPhone to silent mode, move the Flash on Silent slider to on/green. If you decide you don't want the notification light anymore, repeat the first five steps and then move the LED Flash for Alerts slider to off/white.

How do I enable notification light on my Samsung Galaxy device?

In the Accessibility menu, tap Audio/Visual. Scroll down on the next screen to the section titled VISUAL. Then toggle the switch titled LED Flash for Alerts to enable notification light. From now on, whenever your device is locked and you receive a notification, the camera flashlight will blink to alert you.

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