How To Print Messages From Iphone


How to view and print text messages from iPhone?

To view iPhone messages on PC, open the folder with the contact name and double-click on the Word file. To print your iPhone SMS text messages, open the corresponding Word file. In Microsoft Word: File → Print, then click Print. Here is how to print out text messages from iPhone with the help of CopyTrans Contacts.

How to print messages from iPhone without time/date stamps?

This is the best way to print out your iPhone messages when you don’t need time/date stamps. To print messages from iPhone via Email, you need to manually copy, paste and send each message conversation via Email. Step 1 : Run the iPhone messaging app then open the conversation you want to print.

How to take a screenshot of text messages on iPhone?

Click SMS application on your iPhone screen, find the text messages that you need to print out, then press the Power button and Volume down button at the same time to take the screenshot of these text messages. Step 3. Open Photos app, then click the photo folder of ‘screenshots’.

How do I print a screenshot on my iPhone?

Tap the thumbnail of the screenshot in the lower left corner of your screen, or open the Photos app and open the screenshot photo. Tap the up arrow button and then tap Printto print the messages directly from your iPhone.

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