How To Pin Messages On Iphone


How do I Pin a text message on my iPhone?

Open Messages and tap on the conversation you want to pin the text inside. Scroll to find the link or image you want to pin. Tap and hold on the text with the shared content. Tap Pin. You will see a yellow pin icon indicating text has been pinned. You can repeat the same process and tap on Unpin to undo this process.

How do I pin or unpin a messages conversation on Android?

To pin a Messages conversation, swipe right on the message thread and tap on the pin icon highlighted in yellow, as shown below. To unpin a Messages conversation, tap on the triple-dot icon located at the top, right next to the option to compose a new message.

How many iMessages can you pin on your iPhone?

At the moment, you can only pin up to nine conversations, whether they’re regular text messages or iMessage group conversations. Once you hit the limit, you’ll need to unpin a conversation before you’re allowed to pin a new one.

How do I pin or unpin a contact on my iPhone?

Tap Pin in the menu that appears. Your contact will now be pinned to the top of your Messages list. If you want to unpin your chosen contact, long press the icon you want to remove, then tap Unpin.

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