How To Pair Apple Watch To Iphone

Bring your iPhone near your Apple Watch, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on your iPhone, then tap Continue. Or open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Pair New Watch. Tap Set Up for Myself.,

How do you pair Iwatch?

The circled i in the corner of an Apple Watch is for Information and is used to pair or re-pair an Apple Watch to an iPhone. To unpair: On watch, Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings, on iPhone, Watch > My Watch > i > Unpair Apple Watch.Dec 21, 2020

Why won't my Apple Watch pair and update?

If the update won't start, open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap General > Usage > Software Update, then delete the update file. After you delete the file, try to download and install watchOS again. Learn what to do if you see 'Cannot Install Update' when updating Apple Watch.Sep 20, 2021

Why won't my watch connect to my phone?

If you're having issues connecting your watch and phone, please begin by making sure that your phone's OS version is compatible (Android 6.0+ and iOS 10.0+) and that the Wear OS by Google app is up-to-date. Then, check if you have activated Bluetooth on your phone, disable, and re-enable it.

Where is the I icon on the Apple Watch for pairing?

You'll find the ā€œiā€ icon or the ā“˜ icon inside the Watch app on your iPhone. If you tap on your watch's name in the app, you'll see the ā“˜ icon.Apr 7, 2020

Why my Apple Watch is not pairing?

Open the Settings app on your watch, then tap General > Reset. Tap Erase All Content and Settings, then tap again to confirm. Wait for the watch to unpair. After the Apple Watch unpairs completely, you can pair again.Jul 8, 2021

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