How To Merge Videos On Iphone


How to combine two videos on iPhone?

Read through this step by step guide to learn on how to combine two videos on iPhone. Step 1: Begin by running the iMovie app and then click the "+“ button, it will take you to the video clip timeline and other tools. To get clips into the timeline, you tap the Media Library button in the menu bar.

How to add more videos to a project on iPhone?

1 Open the App Store, search for Video Merger, and download and install the app on your iPhone. 2 Open the app when it is installed. On the first screen, you will find an option saying Add Clip. ... 3 When your first video is added, tap on the Add Clip button again and it will let you add additional videos to your project. ... More items...

How to combine two or more videos into one with filmorago?

Now let's learn how to combine two or more videos into one with FilmoraGo in 3 simple steps: Step 1: Download and install FilmoraGo on your iPhone for free. Step 2: Click on the “New Project” button to choose the videos, that you want to combine.

How do I combine my video clips into a single file?

Once you have added at least two video clips to your project, tap Create Movie to combine your video clips into a single file. Your video clips will now display as a single file with a transition between each clip.

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