How To Make Video Slow Motion Iphone


How to record slow motion video on iPhone?

Other iPhone models can only record in slow motion using the back camera. Tap the red shutter button to start recording. The timer at the top of the video will display the duration as you continue to record. Tap the red shutter button to stop recording. This saves your slow-motion recording to the camera roll.

How do I edit a video in slow motion?

Tap Edit at the bottom of the video. The second slider at the bottom controls the speed. Drag the left and right sliders to select only the parts of the video you want to appear in slow motion. Anything outside of the two sliders will play at regular speed. Tap Done to save your edits.

How do I adjust the speed of a video in iMovie?

This opens the video for editing in iMovie. Tap the video in the editor. Rather than tapping the larger version (the preview) at the top, you'll want to tap the elongated one in the bottom-half of the screen. This displays icons and options at the bottom. Tap the speedometer icon. It's the second icon at the bottom. This opens your speed controls.

How do I change the video speed on clideo?

Open Clideo’s Video Speed Changer. Tap "Choose file" and pick a clip on your device or add a file from your Google Drive or Dropbox account by tapping on the arrow on the right side of the button. In the editor, choose one of the preset video speeds to make the video slower.

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