How To Make Iphone Talk When Plugged In


Can I Make my iPhone say anything when plugged in?

I will show you right now this Cool IOS 14 feature that you should start using right now that can make your device say anything you want when plugged in. You can even make your iPhone talked when plugged out as well,the choice is yours. Watch my guide and see how to Make your phone talk when plugged in. How to Make your iPhone Talk When Plugged in?

How do I Make my Device talk when plugged out?

To make your device talk when plugged out do the same as above except when you reach the section at the beginning when you select Charger choose : is Disconnected and make sure is connected is unchecked and do the same as above and choose a appropriate message to speak.

How to speak to a charger on iPhone?

You will now have to create an action for when you connect your iPhone to its charger. You can do so by tapping the ‘Add Action’ button inside the ‘Actions’ screen. In the next screen, type “Speak” in the search box at the top and select the ‘Speak Text’ option that appears under ‘Actions’.

How to make Siri speak up when plugged in on iPhone?

With that taken care of, we can start using the Shortcut app to create automation on your iPhone which makes Siri speak up whenever it’s plugged in. Open the Shortcut app on your iPhone from your home screen or the App, and tap on the ‘Automation’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

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