How To Make Iphone Screen Darker


How do I Make my iPhone screen darker than the brightness?

How to make your iPhone darker than the lowest Brightness setting Open the Settings app. Go to General > Accessibility > Zoom. Enable Zoom. Set the Zoom Region to Full Screen Zoom. Tap on Zoom Filter. Select Low Light.

Why is my Zoom screen so dark on my iPhone?

Make Sure Zoom Isn’t On If you recently used the Zoom feature in Settings -> Accessibility -> Zoom and left it on accidentally, it may be the reason why your iPhone screen is too dark! Using the Zoom setting, you can actually make the iPhone display darker than you’re able to with the Brightness slider.

How do I use dark mode on my iPhone?

With Dark Mode on, you can use your iPhone while, for example, reading in bed, without disturbing the person next to you. Do any of the following: Open Control Center, touch and hold , then tap to turn Dark Mode on or off.

How can I Make my iPhone screen dimmer at night?

There's an easy way to make your iPhone screen even dimmer than its lowest brightness setting, and it's perfect for reading at night First, go to your Settings app. Click General. Scroll down and click Accessibility. Click Zoom. In the Zoom settings, make sure Zoom is enabled, and check that you have Zoom Region set to "Full Screen Zoom.".

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