How To Make Groups On Iphone


How to create a group text on iPhone?

With your Settings in order, you are ready to learn how to create a group text on iPhone: Open the Messages app. Tap the compose icon in the upper-right corner. Enter the names of the contacts you want to add, or you can tap the + icon to look for them in your Contacts list.

How to add a group to contacts on iPhone?

Once you log into the account, just click “Contacts” to open iCloud Contacts. Step 2 Locate the bottom left side, click the “Plus” icon and select the “New Group” option to add a group to contacts on the iPhone. Then enter a name for the contact group on iCloud.

How do I create a group on iCloud?

Step 1: Go to and sign into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password. Then, select Contacts to view a list of your current contacts. Step 2: Select the plus icon in the bottom-left corner, and click New Group from the resulting pop-up menu.

How to create folders and group apps on the iPhone?

How to Create Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone. To create a folder, you'll need at least two apps to put into the folder. Decide which two you want to use. Lightly tap and hold one of the apps until all apps on the screen start shaking (this is the same process that you use to re-arrange apps).

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