How To Make A Pdf File On Iphone


How to make PDFs on iPhone or iPad?

How to make PDFs on iPhone or iPad. Here’s how it works: Tap the Share icon (or the reply/forward button in the Mail app). Choose the Print icon in the bottom row of the iOS share sheet (the black and white icons).

How to convert a photo to PDF on iPhone?

How to Convert a Photo to PDF on iPhone 1 Open Photos . 2 Tap a photo. 3 Tap the share icon. 4 Tap Print . 5 Zoom in on the photo. See More....

How to covert email to PDF on iPhone?

When you receive an important email on iPhone, you can covert email to PDF. The first thing is to tap the Share icon. Another option will be to tap the reply/forward app that is found in the Mail app. The next thing is to select the Print icon that is found in the iOS share sheet bottom row.

How to open PDF on pdfelement iOS?

To open the PDF in your PDF app, then you can tap on the action icon and then select PDFelement iOS app to open it. At this point, you can open PDF on PDFelement, which allows you to annotate, edit and manage it correctly!

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