How To Listen To Podcasts On Iphone


How do I listen to podcasts on my phone?

To start listening, all you need is a podcast app. Search for the podcast you want, subscribe to it, and then the app will download new episodes for you in the background automatically. Tap the Play button to listen to an episode.

How do I see what podcasts I follow on Apple Podcasts?

Tap the Library tab, then tap Shows. Tap the Followed tab to see the podcasts that you follow in the Apple Podcasts app and the ones that you manually add through a URL. To also see any shows that you saved or downloaded episodes from, tap the All tab.

How do I play an episode in Apple Podcasts?

When you play episodes in Apple Podcasts on your iOS or iPadOS device, a player appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap the player to open the Now Playing screen, which shows all the playback controls. In the Apple Podcasts app on your Mac, the playback controls are at the top of the window.

How to listen to podcasts on AirPods pro?

Tap “Search Podcasts” at the top of the screen if you want to search for a specific podcast. Tap the “Play” button next to any podcast episode you want to listen to. When you find a podcast you like, tap “Subscribe” to add it to the Podcasts tab.

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