How To Jailbreak Iphone 4 With Computer


How to jailbreak your iPhone on Windows?

Step 1. Install Dr.Fone on the program and select Screen Unlock. Step 2. Choose Remove Active Lock. Navigate to Unlock Apple ID. Select Remove Active Lock. Step 3. Jailbreak your iPhone. Before you start, follow the instruction above to jailbreak your iPhone on your Windows computer. Step 4. Confirm the device information.

How to jailbreak iOS devices using USB flash drive?

Choose the USB flash drive in the Start Menu. 3. Connect your iOS devices to your computer. Select ‘Options’ by using arrows on the keyboard. Press ‘Enter’ to set up jailbreak tool. 4. Control with arrow keys on the keyboard. Choose ‘Allow untested iOS/iPadoS/tvOS versions’.

What to do if your iOS 14 jailbreak fails?

Restart your iOS device and computer, and then try to jailbreak again. Tip 2: If the jailbreak fails: Reinsert the device into the USB port on the back of the host computer and try again. Tip 3: Note for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X devices equipped with iOS 14 system:

How to jailbreak iOS with checkra1n?

Check the video here to learn quickly on how to jailbreak iOS on Windows with Checkra1n: Step 1. Insert your USB flash drive. Step 2. Download the executable Rufus and run it – no installation is necessary. Once downloaded, the application is ready to use. Step 3.

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