How To Inspect Element On Iphone


How to inspect elements on an actual device in Safari browser?

Method 1: Using Safari developer tools to inspect elements on an actual device. 1 Open Safari browser. 2 Click on Safari > Preferences > Advanced. 3 Tick the checkbox Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

How to debug and inspect web elements on iOS devices?

Apple provides a very intuitive feature that enables web developers to debug and inspect web elements on actual iPads and iPhones. One just needs to connect their iPhone and enable the Web Inspector to get started. Enable the Web Inspector on your iOS mobile device by:

How does the Web Inspector work on the iPhone?

When you interact with any element in the web inspector, it immediately highlights that particular element on the iPhone in real-time. This helps developers identify exactly what they are inspecting as they continue to interact with the elements providing an interactive test experience.

What is the “Inspect Element” option on a website?

Windows and Mac users would be familiar with the “Inspect” or “Inspect element” option that’s available when right-clicking on any webpage. What this option offers is a way to view a website’s source code, see all of its elements, the line of code behind each of them, and edit its Javascript, HTML, CSS, and all the other media files that are on it.

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