How To Hide Pages On Iphone


How do I hide the pages on my home screen?

Tap and hold on an empty area on any page of your home screen. Wait for the apps to jiggle. Tap the dot icons at the bottom of the screen. These dots represent the pages on your home screen. In the page preview, tap the circles to hide the pages.

Why hide home screen pages in iOS 14?

So why hide home screen pages at all? Mainly to declutter your iPhone interface and eliminate pages and pages of apps that you probably rarely use. Now that you can hide home screen pages in iOS 14, you can choose to only display the one or two home screen pages with the apps you use most frequently and then hide the rest.

Can I hide individual pages of apps from sight on iOS?

Having multiple pages of apps extending off the initial Home Screen can be a burden, especially if you like to organize what you can see on the screen into any sort of meaningful order. Fortunately, in iOS 14 and later, Apple allows you to hide individual pages of apps from sight.

How do I hide apps on the home screen on Android?

Long press on a blank area of the ‌Home Screen‌ or any additional page of apps. Once in jiggle mode, tap the app page dot icons just above the Dock at the bottom of the screen. Tap to uncheck any app pages that you want to hide. Tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen to finish.

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