How To Hide Notes On Iphone


How do I lock or hide a note?

Open the note that you want to lock. Tap the More button. Tap Lock. After you lock your note, it stays open and you'll see the Lock icon at the top of the screen. You can hide the note's contents when you tap the Lock icon . Tap the locked note. Tap View Note. Use Face ID or Touch ID, or enter your password.

How do I keep my notes out of iCloud?

We’ll go over how to do that. Here’s how to keep your sensitive notes out of the iCloud. Open the Settings app on iPhone. Tap Notes. Toggle on “On My iPhone” Account. When you open your Notes app and navigate to your folders view, you’ll see the folder labeled On My iPhone.

How do I edit or delete notes on my iPhone?

Edit the iPhone note Open the Notes app, locate and tap the note you wish to edit. Tap anywhere in the open note and start editing. When finished, tap Done. 3. Delete notes on the iPhone No longer need an entry? Open the Notes app and get inside the desired note. Tap Delete.

How to lock a note in Notes on iOS 11?

Before iOS 11, the only way to lock a note in the Notes app was to tap the Share icon and select Lock Note. Now you can quickly and easily lock any note in the Notes app by swiping on it. This shortcut means you don’t even need to open a note to lock it, and it makes the whole process a lot smoother.

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