How To Hide Messages On Iphone


How to hide text message notifications on iPhone?

How to Hide Text Message Notifications 1 Open the message (s) you don't want displaying as the chain continues. 2 Tap near the top of the screen, by the icon of a face (or the person's picture). 3 On the taskbar that appears, tap the "i" for "info." Tap "info." William Antonelli/Business Insider 4 Toggle "Hide Alerts" on. See More....

How do I hide a conversation on my iPhone?

The most straightforward way to hide a conversation is to delete it. Either tap and hold a Messages convo or swipe from right-to-left to make the trash icon appear. Then tap the red trash icon to confirm you want to erase it.

How do I hide the lock screen on my iPhone?

Others can see a portion of the message as well as the sender. To disable the lock screen, you need to: Open the ‘Settings’ app in the app menu. Tap ‘Notifications’ and then ‘Messages’. Go down and find the ‘Include’ part. Here you should see the ‘Show Preview’ option.

How do I hide messages from one person on WhatsApp?

If you want to hide messages from just one person, you can move it to the ‘Unknown senders’ section. You will have to remove the person from the contact list first. Go to ‘Contacts’, find the person and tap ‘Edit’. Go to the bottom of the list and tap on ‘Delete Contact’.

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