How To Hide Location On Iphone


How can I Hide My location on my iPhone without WiFi?

Turn on Airplane Mode to Hide iPhone Location The quickest way to hide the location on your iPhone is to enable Airplane mode. You can do that by simply opening the Control Center and tapping on the Airplane Mode icon. This will disable all connections including Wi-Fi, cellular, and your location.

How to turn off location on iPhone 11?

1 Open the “Settings” app. Go to “Privacy” and choose the first option, that is, “Location Services”. 2 You can directly tap on the button that appears next to “Location Services” to turn it off. ... 3 If you want apps like the Weather app to still have access, you can turn off location for certain apps. ...

How do I Share My location on Find my iPhone?

Step 1. Open the “Find My Friends” app on your iOS device. In the latest versions, it has been renamed to “Find My”. Step 2. Tap to open the “Me” option that appears at the bottom side of your screen. It will open your profile settings within the app. Find the “Share My Location” option from the menu that appears. Step 3.

How do I Hide My location from Find my App?

If you would like to hide your location from the Find my App and iMessage tracking, you can do that by sharing from another iOS device that is not moving. Using this method might fool someone into thinking that you are not moving at all.

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