How To Have 2 Of The Same App On Iphone No Jailbreak


Is it possible to download apps twice on iOS without jailbreak?

No. It is not possible to download one app twice time on your iOS device without Jailbreak. Even in the jailbreak, most times it is not twice downloading the app but creating the app database twice with shortcut icon to make it look like twice.

Can I install two versions of an app with the same name?

No, it’s not possible to install two versions of an app that has the same name. You’d have to ask the developer to rename it, which I doubt he’ll be willing to do. Although the iOS doesn’t really check “the name” (like a file manager would do), the develop would have to create another “build” if I am not mistaken.

Can I have two apps on my iPhone home screen?

If you haven’t already, download and install the original version of the same app from the App Store and there you have it, two same apps on your iPhone Home screen ready to launch and use! This is perfect for if you want to have two different sets of saved games, or two accounts logged into a social media app at the same time.

What is jailbreaking an iPhone and should you do it?

Jailbreaking an iPhone is done for pretty much the same reasons as rooting an Android device. It gives you more control over your phone, opening new possibilities. Now, since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably done that recently, but don’t know which apps to install.

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