How To Get Siri On Iphone 4 Without Jailbreak


How do I get Siri on my jailbroken iPhone?

Getting Siri Through Jailbreaking Jailbreak your iPhone. Open Cydia. Tap Manage. Tap Sources. Tap Edit. Tap Add. Add the Siri source. Open the source. Download the Siri package. Wait for your iPhone to restart. Activate Siri. Open App DB. Tap Run. Try activating Siri.

How to activate Siri on iPhone?

Activate Siri. Open your iPhone's Settings app, which resembles a grey gear (or set of gears), then tap General, tap Siri, and tap the white "Siri" switch at the top of the screen. Open App DB. You'll find this app on one of your iPhone's Home Screens.

Can I install Siri on my iPhone or iPod?

If you're willing to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod, you may also be able to install a hacked version of Siri; however, keep in mind that Siri is designed for specific hardware and software requirements which aren't met by the iPhone 4 or 3GS, meaning that Siri won't always work. Use your iPhone's built-in voice control.

How to use voice control on iPhone without Siri?

Use your iPhone's built-in voice control. Even without Siri, holding down your iPhone's Home button will activate the built-in voice control function. You can use this function to initiate FaceTime or phone calls, or play music.

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