How To Get Podcasts On Iphone


How do I find a specific podcast on my iPhone?

If you have a specific podcast in mind, open the Podcasts app and tap the Search tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Type the name of the podcast you’re looking for in the search box, then tap Search in the bottom right-hand corner of the keyboard.

How do I subscribe to or download a podcast?

Tap Search in the menu at the bottom of your screen. Type in the name or genre of the podcast you're looking for. Tap Search on the bottom right of your keyboard. Tap the podcast once you find the one you want. Tap Subscribe. Tap the download button next to the episode name, if you'd like to download it. It's a cloud with a downward arrow.

How to download all unplayed episodes of a podcast on iPhone?

You can download every unplayed episode of a podcast from the Settings app. Go to Settings -> Podcasts and tap Download Episodes. Then, tap All Unplayed to download every episode of a podcast on your iPhone.

How to listen to podcasts on Android devices?

Tap “ Library ” from the bottom to listem to some specific episodes. Tap “ Browse ” at the bottom to stream an episode. Step 2: When you find the podcast that you want to listen to, click on it and then click on “Play” button. Note: If you use cellular data, ensure the cellular data is available for podcasts in Settings > Cellular > Podcasts.

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