How To Free Up Storage On Iphone


How do I free up storage space on my iPhone?

When you send and receive images, animated GIFs, or other media through messages, those create attachments that can end up taking up a lot of storage space. iOS gives you the option to review them all in one convenient place so you can free up storage space on your iPhone. Launch Settings from your Home screen. Tap General. Tap iPhone Storage.

How to fix app storage on iPhone is full?

Over time the Documents and Data occupied by an app may become greater than the app size itself. Tap Settings From the Home Screen Tap on General on the Settings screen Next tap on iPhone Storage. Tap on the app that is consuming a lot of storage space. Next, tap on Delete App Go to the App Store and Reinstall the App.

How to free up iCloud storage?

To reduce iCloud storage, you can exclude your photos from your iCloud backups, then download all the photos and videos you have in iCloud to your computer, and then delete all the photos and videos from your iCloud to free up your iCloud storage. Step 1 : Exclude photos from iCloud Backup.

How to check what takes up storage on iPhone?

Since they take a lot of valuable space, it’s important to find out what actually eats up your storage. To check what takes up storage on iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. At the top, you’ll see how much space you’ve used and how much you have available.

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