How To Find Offline Iphone


How to find your lost/stolen iPhone when it's offline or shut down?

how to find your lost/stolen iphone when it's offline or shut down 1 Open your iPhone, enter Settings->iCloud. login iCoud with your Apple ID. 2 Enter iCloud-> Turn on Find MyiPhone. 3 Turn on Send last location, it will send your last location of your iPhone when the battery is low or it be turn off... More ...

Can I Find my iPhone’s last known location offline?

Fortunately, iOS users can access their Find My iPhone notification offline last known location using built phone locator applications like FMI and Find My. Check the below parts to know if you can find your iPhone’s last known location even if it’s offline. The iOS 12 and above versions have the amazing built-in feature i.e Find My iPhone.

How do I find my phone when it’s offline?

Turn Enable Offline Finding on as it’ll help you find your phone even it’s not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. Turn on Send Last Location as it’ll send the last known location of your phone.

What does it mean when your iPhone says offline?

In some cases, however, it reads "Offline." It may also say "No location available" or "Location Services Off." There are a few reasons for this, but they all have the same meaning: your iPhone cannot check in to Find My. It doesn't have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Why Is My iPhone Offline? Why is your iPhone offline?

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